Schnitzeljagd Leas Geburtstag 2013

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BigVig – 1st illumination system: Neodym Makes Bright (Neodym Macht Helle)

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…new BigVig illumination system under the following link…


…BigVig double bar neodym illumination system….

…Lampshades made up of ostrich egg…

Many Thanks to:

> Fidjos Idea Cellar

> Seb aka Big

Have love.

Just an idea for a photo project: “One Day by Self-Timer”

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The idea is to make a photo documentation of one (typical?) day of your live mandatory using the self-timer function of your camera. I would add the rule that the appearance of oneself is mandatory as well.  I’m thinking about this idea since many years (beginning some day back in 2004 or 2005 when driving every day – winter or summer – by bike to the university from S-Degerloch to S-Vaihingen).

Inspired by this monotone recurring everyday experience I thought that it would be an inspiring task in a photographic sense to document such a typical day using the self-timer function of the camera. I was always thinking about e.g. a photo showing me passing the camera (that is lying on the ground to get a worm’s-eye view) by bike to get an action shot showing me moving by bike with a smeared effect…

The following picture shows an (poor quality) example picture of a person shot by the shown person using the self-timer. The person is captured in a typical Wednesday workaday live pose…

Another variation would be to make a typical picture of every hour of a 24h day using the set of rules outlined above. I think one will be wondering how many hours we will find ourselves doing the same thing for hours and hours: e.g. sitting in front of the PC on the job or even in the leisure-time…

There is a similar project but the rules are different. In this project the peoples were invited to (citation):

“…On May 15 2012, asked people around the world to pick up their cameras to photograph daily life.”

I see it more from an inspiring photographic point of view and think that a mandatory use of the self-timer in combination with a mandatory inclusion of oneself  in the picture would be a more challenging and creative setting of the scene.

Perhaps someone is interested to start a project like this and helps me to setup an appropriate website. Just answer by a comment…


Mares Vokabeltrainer v0.2

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Mares Vokabeltrainer steht zum Download…
Kleiner Vokabeltrainer zum Lernen von Vokabeln und sich selbst abfragen. Die Vokabelliste kann einfach editiert werden.

Unter folgendem Link seht ihr mehr:
Mares Vokabeltrainer…

BigVig goes Public!

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…grill tools for emotion!

Visit our Page!

Besuche unsere Seite!

Options Calculator with flexible volatility map out!

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First version of the Options Calculator is out! The program provides a Java Swing GUI to calculate the profit curves of complex financial option positions. Based on given option prices the current volatility map depending on expiration time and strike prices is calculated. The volatility map is used to calculate the expected volatility of the put in option positions. That means that the volatility skew and/or smile are considered when evaluating the prices of the option position for different times and base prices. Check it out:

Options Calculator v0.0

Have fun,


K-Epsilon Calculator Online

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on the following link

k-epsilon Calculator ‎

I provide a little engineering helper software to calcualte inlet boundary values for the k-epsilon turbulence model (CFD simulations).


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